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'Trust Within and Between Organizations' Conference

FINT was created at the first EIASM Workshop on ‘Trust Within and Between Organization’ and continues to organize a workshop roughly every two years. The first four workshops were held in Amsterdam, the next eight in Madrid, Milan, Singapore, Coventry, Dublin, St. Gallen, Charleston and Helsinki. The workshops have grown over the years and are now more akin to a conference.

FINT conferences are designed to connect academics and practitioners from around the globe who are interested in the study of trust. Our aim is to build and maintain an inclusive, supportive community that encourages collaboration and excellence in trust research.  

Our next ‘Trust Within and Between Organizations’ conference will take place in Genoa, Italy in June 2025. 

The FINT Research Seminar Series was established in 2021 and is currently very kindly hosted by the University of Miami. The seminar series aims to connect FINT members and provide a forum for sharing new research on trust within and between organizations. A schedule of upcoming events and details on registration can be found here.