FINT history
FINT history
12th FINT Workshop

FINT travel to Helsinki, Finland.

JTR: New editor

Joseph Hamm Takes over as Editor of Journal of Trust Research.

11th FINT workshop
11th FINT workshop

After a slightly longer break due to COVID-19, FINT goes to the US for the first time in March 2022 for the 11th FINT workshop in Charleston. Conference includes keynotes from Maurice Schweitzer and Mike Pfarrer, and an early career colloquium chaired by Cecily Cooper and Mark Saunders. Nicole Gillespie joins the board and Lisa van der Werff takes over as FINT president.

10th FINT Workshop

10th FINT Workshop takes place in St Gallen. Keynotes from Roberto Wheeler, Nicholas Wheeler and Yves Daccord. Early Career Faculty Colloquium run by Mark Saunders and Cecily Cooper, featuring Audrey Korsgaard and Craig Crossley as keynotes. Kirsimarja Blomqvist joins the FINT board. Lisa van der Werff becomes vice-president /incoming president to replace Antoinette Weibel and Stacey Conchie joins as Communications Officer. 

9th FINT Workshop

9th FINT Workshop takes place in Dublin. Keynotes from Paul Zak and Bill McEvily. “Fellow of FINT” awards to Don Ferrin, Richard Priem and Denise Skinner who retire from the FINT board. Cecily Cooper and Lisa van der Werff join the FINT board: Cecily working in FINT outreach and Lisa as Communications Officer.

EGOS SWG subtheme on "Trusting: The Practices and Process of Organizational Trust".

EGOS SWG subtheme on The Dynamics of Trust in Challenging Contexts

EGOS SWG subtheme on The Dynamics of Trust in Challenging Contexts takes place at the EGOS Colloquium in Athens.

8th EIASM Workshop

8th EIASM Workshop takes place in Coventry, UK. Strong connection of research to practice. Keynotes from Roger Mayer, David Greenwood (practitioner: military) and George Hamilton (practitioner: police). Richard Priem steps down from the FINT Board. 

The EGOS SWG on Organizational Trust convenes the subtheme on ‘Organizational Trust across Contexts'. The event includes pre-conference workshops for early career researchers.

7th FINT workshop

7th FINT workshop takes place in Singapore. Keynotes from David De Cremer and Toshio Yamagishi.

FINTnews editorship returns to Guido Möllering. FINT starts its LinkedIn Group.The EGOS SWG on Organizational Trust continues with its next subtheme on ‘Authority, Prices and Trust: Within and Across Boundaries’

Publication: ‘Handbook of Advances in Trust Research’ (Elgar; Eds.Reinhard Bachmann & Aks Zaheer) 

6th EIASM Workshop takes place

6th EIASM Workshop takes place in Milan. Keynotes from Kimberly Elsbach and Russelll Hardin. The Workshop includes pre-conference sessions aimed at early career researchers.  

The EGOS SWG on Organizational Trust has its second successful subtheme on ‘Trust in Crisis: Diagnoses and Remedies’

Publication: ‘Handbook of Research Methods on Trust’ (Elgar; Eds.Fergus Lyon, Guido Möllering & Mark Saunders)

Second ESRC-series (Trust in HRM) concludes.

The EGOS Standing Working Group (SWG) on Organizational Trust: Reinhard Bachmann, Nicole Gillespie, Ros Searle & Antoinette Weibel holds subtheme at the EGOS Colloquium. Second ESRC-series (Trust in HRM) concludes. 

The inaugural issue of Journal of Trust Research 1(1) is published. Two publications: ‘The Decision to Trust’ Jossey-Bass; Eds Bob Hurley and’s ‘Trust and Human Resource Management’ Elgar; Eds.Ros Searle & Denise Skinner. 

5th EIASM Workshop

5th EIASM Workshop takes place in Madrid. Keynotes from Sim Sitkin, Sirkka Jarvenpaa and Ranjay Gulati. Antoinette Weibel becomes the new president of FINT,  with board members identified as Sandro Castaldo, Don Ferrin, Guido Möllering, Richard Priem and Denise Skinner.

In recognition of their services to FINT and their contributions to trust research, Katinka Bijlsma-Frankema and Sim Sitkin are made the first “Fellows of FINT”

FINT logo adopted and was launched.

Two publications:‘Organisational Trust: A cultural perspective’. Cambridge Press; Eds.Mark Saunders, Denise Skinner, Graham Dietz, Nicole Gillespie &  Roy Lewicki and ‘Trust and Technology in a Ubiquitous Modern Environment’ IGI Global; Eds.Dominka Latusek & Alexandra Gerbasi.

Articles in Journal of Management Studies

Trust sessions at AOM and EGOS. Prominent articles by Six & Sorge in Journal of Management Studies 45(5).

Two books published: ‘Trust and New Technologies’ (Elgar, Eds. Teemu Kautonen & Heikki Karjaluoto) and ‘Contracts and Trust in Alliances’ (Elgar, Ed. Paul Vlaar).

4th EIASM Workshop

The 4th EIASM Workshop takes place in Amsterdam. Keynotes from Karen Cook, Don Ferrin and Aks Zaheer. Roxanne Zolin takes over as FINTnews editor. ESRC-funded Trust across Cultures concludes. FINT members contribute to Special Issue on ‘Trust and control’ published in Group and Organization Management 30(4).

‘Trust in Market Relationships’ (Elgar; Ed. Sandro Castaldo) published.

ESRC-funded seminar series

ESRC-funded seminar series on ‘Building, Maintaining and Repairing Trust across Cultures: Theory and Practice’ launches. FINT coordinators: Graham Dietz,  Nicole Gillespie, Mark Saunders, & Denise Skinner. 

‘Trust within and across boundaries’ subtheme at EGOS in Bergen (coordinators: Nicole Gillespie, Don Ferrin and Guido Möllering). Special Issue on trust in Management Revue 17(1) authored predominately by FINT members.

Books published: Handbook of Trust Research’ (Elgar; Ed, Reinhard Bachmann and Aks Zaheer).Trust: Reason, Routine, Reflexivity’ (Elsevier, Ed. Guido Möllering).

3rd EIASM Trust Workshop

The 3rd EIASM Workshop takes place in Amsterdam. Keynotes from Kurt Dirks and Peter Smith Ring. Eight FINT representatives and a webmaster are appointed to support FINT's activities. 

Special issues of Strategic Change (14,2) and International Sociology (20,3) edited and written by many FINT members.

Books published: 'Trust under pressure’ (Elgar; Eds., Katinka Bijlsma-Frankema & Rosalinde Klein Woolthuis).'The trouble with Trust' (Elgar, Ed. Frederique Six).

The Journal of Trust Research (Routledge) is launched

The Journal of Trust Research (Routledge) launched. The Academy of Management Review’s 34(1) Special Topic Forum on ‘Repairing Relationships’ (Eds., Kurt Dirks, Roy Lewicki & Aks Zaheer. Features high-impact articles on trust repair by Ed Tomlinson and Roger Mayer, as well as Nicole Gillespie and Graham Dietz.

Launch of second ESRC-funded seminar series on ‘Trust in HRM’. Coordinators: Graham Dietz Ros Searle, Denise Skinner, Paul Thompson.

Birth of FINT newsletter: FINTnews

Birth of FINT newsletter: FINTnews (editor: Guido Möllering) Trust in Hybrids’ subtheme at the EGOS Colloquium (coordinators: Antoinette Weibel, Katinka Bijlsma-Frankema & Pedro Neve). FINT members contribute to Special issue on Trust in Managerial Psychology 19(6).

2nd EIASM Workshop

The 2nd EIASM Trust Workshop takes place in Amsterdam. Distinguished speakers: Ranjay Gulati and Sim Sitkin. FINT members contribute to Special Issue on ‘Trust within Organizations’ Personnel Review 32.

'First International Network on Trust' (FINT) is born

EIASM 1st Workshop on ‘Trust Within and Between Organizations takes place in Amsterdam.  Organised by Katinka Bijlsma-Frankema.