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FINT 2022: Charleston, South Carolina

11th Workshop on Trust Within and Between Organisations

FINT is anticipating with excitement our 11th FINT Workshop on Trust Within and Between Organizations, March 2022 to be held in Charleston, South Carolina. The main organizer is Professor Audrey Korsgaard from the University of South Carolina.

We will be celebrating the great research output of the trust community and feature more of those exciting discussions on where trust is heading. Trust as a topic could not be more relevant in times when global leadership and many organizations face trust repair and distrust issues in abundance. This creates a window of opportunity where trust research can bridge the practice gap we so often face as academics.

To make it happen, the 11th FINT workshop on Trust Within and Between Organizations is seeking submissions. Trust is a concept and shared human experience that crosses disciplinary, cultural, and generational boundaries. It lies at the heart of all human relationships whether with another individual, a group, or an institution. Trust is a key factor in our conceptions of society and civilization, and is essential in enabling and enhancing cooperation, sharing of information, problem solving, fostering commitment and job satisfaction as well as generating a range of individual, group, organizational, and societal performance outcomes. The changing nature of the current social and political environments within which we exist as individuals and as members of groups, highlights the importance of trust to success and simultaneously, the challenges to its continued existence within relationships and institutions.

This FINT workshop seeks to provide a forum in which we further develop our trust knowledge within an inspiring community. We welcome both junior and senior contributor representatives of the academic and practitioner communities from a wide range of academic disciplines, using qualitative and quantitative methods, with empirical and theoretical insights to offer. Hence our call for papers is deliberately broad. We are open to all research questions pertaining to current trust research and invite the submission of proposals for symposia, thematic panels, interactive workshops, and other innovative sessions, in addition to individual papers.