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Dear FINT Members,

Time for another Trust-Packed FINTnews!

WARNING! This is a biggie! A whopping 16 pages!

A must read is the Letter from our President, Antoinette Weibel, about the Trust Workshop on 14-15 June, 2012 at Como Lake near Milano!

We also have a list of all the Trust sessions at the Academy of Management in August. If you open this when you are online you can click on an item and add it to your customized program for the Academy! How cool is that?!

Dear FINT Members and Friends,

Please find attached your latest FINTnews!

You may notice that I am not including a list of recently published articles, except those by members. The reason is that a search found over 400 articles on Trust published since the last newsletter in October. It seems as though our service to find and distribute trust articles is no longer required as there are many available now!

We still want to publish information about:
* Calls for papers
* New PhDs
* Books and articles by members
* Conferences

Dear FINT Members,

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